Chemical peel

1st appointment. The Medical Group Pasteur team will welcome you and present the most appropriate treatment for your needs. Medical pictures can be taken if requested.


This superficial chemical peel is efficient and safe in the hands of skilled professionals. Renowned as the least aggressive, AHA chemical Peel (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) also called 'luncheon peeling' is completed without discomfort. The main component is glycolic acid, extracted from sugar cane, and several other acids coming from fruits and plants. This treatment will eliminate dead cells and boost collagen production. It is a fast and gentle act, done below the skin surface, and consequently making the skin a little coloured, but with no other side effects.

Mid-level Peel

The effect of the mid-level peel is on the dermis. When the treatment is applied, it heats the skin up and some side effects are visible. The skin is irritated for 48 hours and on the third day it peels off to reveal new skin.


Deep Peel

Applying the treatment is fast and safe, it takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Unlike all the other peelings, no neutralisation product is needed, it is even required to keep the occlusive mask for 24 to 36 hours to obtain the result sought. When removing the mask, the doctor may apply more product if needed.

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