​​​​​​​What is cell regeneration / bio-stimulation by PRP?

PRP treatment consists of injecting your own serum enriched by platelets, acting as a filling, renewal, and bio-stimulation. PRP is obtained through blood extraction. A natural method, 100% biocompatible, making cellular regeneration and skin rejuvenation possible. There are no significant side effects. People who refuse artificial products as a matter of principle, or after reactions, particularly appreciate PRP.

 Treated areas

PRP can be used on any cutaneous area. The treatment is done through multiple small superficial injections in the chosen area (e.g. around the eyes, crow's feet, bags, fine lines, dark rings, around the mouth). We can also work on the neck, cleavage, hands, and also the scalp.

Autologous platelet

​​​​​​​Usually a simple blood extraction enables us to prepare approximately 12ml of plasma, which is enough to treat, in one session, the whole face, notably around the eyes and also, for example, injecting a little bit of PRP in the neck.

 When to choose PRP?

Skin which is wrinkled and/or dehydrated, waxy in complexion or off-colour.

  • Regeneration of target areas: around the eyes : improve the upper and lower eyelids, reducing the dark rings, crow's feet, bags, the dark effect. Around the mouth : vertical thin lines.
  • Hair loss, dry, thin or damaged hair.
  • Scars or stretch marks 1st appointment. The Medical Group Pasteur team will welcome you and present the most appropriate treatment for your needs. Medical pictures can be taken if requested. scans can be done if needed.

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