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We are encounter the problem of the ageing of our faces, either through deteriorating texture or loosening. Thread lifts are one of the possible solutions to correct skin loosening. Until the 90's, the facelift was the only solution. It's a cumbersome procedure requiring hospitalisation, a general anaesthetic and social exclusion. The first Aptos thread lifts (Dr Marlen Sulamanidze) appeared in the mid 90's. Since then, several generations of threads have been created and are now widely used. From the age of 45, sagging cheeks and disappearing cheekbones are part of the ageing process of our faces. Changing the oval shape of the face, this is a major step in the ageing process. The distinctive feature of this area (lower third of the face) is that it moves constantly and regularly (chewing, smiling, and talking). This dynamic needs to be preserved as it is where skin loosening is at its greatest. The most difficult step in correcting this area is to keep a good dynamic while at the same time restoring a pretty oval shape. The latest thread lifts, thanks to their elasticity offer a real solution to this problem​​​​​​​

Selection criteria :

  • patients aged from 40 to 75 years old, with a little or average loosening
  • in good general health
  • a healthy psychological profile
  • people who are too young for a surgical face lift or who do not want it.
  • the tissue cannot be too heavy or too thin
  • no anticoagulant treatment



They are mainly linked to the local anaesthetic before setting the threads (soreness, redness and swelling can appear the first few days).


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