No surgical Blepharoplasty

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​​​​​​​Medical pictures can be taken if requested.

  Plasma soft surgery

PlexR (which stands for Plasma Exeresis) is a new treatment available at Medical Group Pasteur. It enables us to carry out aesthetic treatments and handle skin lesions without damaging nearby tissue. PlexR now enables us to perform aesthetic treatments without surgery, which was previously impossible without anaesthetic or stitches leading to possible complications due to invasive techniques.

 PlexR technology

PlexR removes the excess skin of the eye lids and corrects the 'hangdog' look that people dislike. Your doctor, will draw a dotted line where required with PlexR. Your tissue will be enhanced and the loosened skin of your eye-lids will be corrected. To obtain the same result with a conventional blepharoplasty, several sessions would be needed, depending on how much skin excess has to be removed. You will be offered a personalised treatment which can to a certain extent correct your look.

  Further indications

PlexR is not only used for skin lesions, but also an excellent solution to correct aesthetic problems such as wrinkles, sagging body skin after a pregnancy notably in the periumbilical area) and especially non-surgical eye-lid lifting. in the periumbilical a) and especially non-surgical eye-lid lift.

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